Chioma Uzodimma

Chioma Uzodimma
17 JAN 2024

In commemorating this year’s Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, organizations across the globe seek to emphasize the theme, “ending cervical cancer within a few generations.” The path to eradication involves a threefold approach: getting informed, getting screened, and getting vaccinated. By prioritizing education, screening, and vaccination, we collectively take strides toward a future where cervical cancer becomes a rare occurrence.

As we observe Breast Cancer Awareness Month, let it serve as a reminder that proactive efforts in cervical cancer prevention align with the broader spectrum of women’s health.

By amplifying awareness and advocating for comprehensive health practices, we contribute to the vision of ending cervical cancer within a few generations, fostering a healthier future for women worldwide.

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H.E. Chief Barr. (Mrs.) Chioma Uzodimma
First Lady, Imo State and Founder, GoodHope Flourish Foundation
and Secretary of Renewed Hope Initiative.


Chioma Uzodimma
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Barr. Chioma Uzodimma.

The First Lady of Imo State, Nigeria.