Chioma Uzodimma

Chioma Uzodimma
15 JAN 2024

On this significant Armed Forces Remembrance Day in Imo State, I join thousands of people across the country to honour the indomitable spirit of our fallen soldiers. As we stand in reflection, we extend our deepest gratitude to these heroes who gave their all to safeguarding our nation's freedom and security. We honour their legacy etched in the heart of our history.

Though a noble sacrifice for our freedom, the pain of loss to the families left behind is immeasurable, and we wish them strength in facing the challenges that accompany the absence of their loved ones. My thoughts and prayers to every one of those homes.

May the sacrifice of these brave soldiers serve as a perpetual reminder of the price paid for our freedom, inspiring us all to uphold the values they fought valiantly to protect.

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H.E. Chief Barr. (Mrs.) Chioma Uzodimma
First Lady, Imo State and Founder, GoodHope Flourish Foundation
and Secretary of Renewed Hope Initiative.


Chioma Uzodimma
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Barr. Chioma Uzodimma.

The First Lady of Imo State, Nigeria.